What is this?

I’ll be writing monthly about what I’m reading, what I’m (hopefully) writing, and what I’m finding joy in that month. They’ll be quick, easy reads that will bring a little light, inspiration, and/or laughter into your overly full (sorry) inbox. And yes, there will be lots of punctuation…

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But, like…who even are you?

Crap, I knew I forgot something. I’m Anne – I’m an author and writer and usually a paid lackey of some sort or another (because I like to sleep indoors, eat food, and use the internet). I’ve written two memoirs, one of which has been published so far, and various essays; I’m also working on a novel, which might be terrible but I’ll assess that later.

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Joiners, rejoice!

I’m a founder and/or admin in two awesome writing communities, if you’re a writer looking for a home. The Creative Nonfiction Writers Community is a small(ish) group of CNF writers supporting each other through the writing, submitting, agent querying, and publishing processes. The Fairest Writer is Meredith Talusan’s community of freelancers, memoirists, novelists, and any other kind of writer you can think of – it’s bigger, but still intimate. Both groups are full of awesome, helpful, brilliant people.